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Let Good Food help you stay healthy

There is no doubt that whatever we eat has they greatest impact in our health and well being. We hear a lot about all of the things that aren’t good for us. I think it is more important to remember that eating healthy has the opposite effect. Specially in the times we are living it is important to get all the help we can.
The benefits of eating healthy and balance diet are so many that I can write a book and it probably won’t be complete. For me its easier to remember some key points so I will share some that I think are very important with you.

  • Controls Weight: so think about this, you can actually have the weight you want by just eating healthy. When you gain weight it means you are eating more than your body needs to function. This usually happens when you eat bad foods that are full of empty calories this calories eventually become stored fat on your body.  So next time you go to the grocery store avoid buying anything that is not healthy. If it is not at home you won’t eat it
  • Improves mood: who can say they feel good after eating a tub of ice cream or an extra few slices of pizza, I know I don’t. But we all have done it and we all know exactly what I am talking about. So a sure way to feel better and improve your mood, don’t eat a lot of crap
  • Combats Diseases: our body needs good nutrients to fuel and work properly. Especially the immune system and it times like now we need an immune system that is ready to put a good fight. Just remember what happens to a car when you put bad gas. The body is the same, you put bad food it is not going to function properly.
  • Boost Energy: we know how hard it is to get moving after eating a heavy and not so healthy meal. If you are feeling lethargic after a meal it is a good sign that you probably eat too much and/or the wrong foods. Pay attention the next time you eat a healthy meal and you will see the difference.
  • Improves Longevity: we all want to live a long and healthy life. Without proper nourishment our chances diminish greatly. Without proper nourishment the body struggles to function properly and that accelerates the aging process.

So next time you are at the grocery store put back the cookies and sodas and add some fruits and vegetables to your cart. Your body will thank you for it and you may just feel better.

If you rather us do cooking contact us and we will be happy to customize a menu for you that is both healthy and delicious. Also you can look at our menus for great ideas for eating healthy

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